The Courage to Move (and Teach!)

Updated: Jan 10

Are you ready to move in 2022?

I am.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an end to my previous business, Bloomington Body Bar. But it didn't end my desire to teach people to move their bodies and minds.

Risk vs. Reward

Fear is a part of everything you do. You have to take great risks to get big rewards. ~Greg Louganis

I was afraid to start a business. What if no one shows up? I was afraid to close the business. What if I'm letting everyone down? I'm afraid to begin again now. What if I've "lost it?" I go!

Each step forward requires courage.

Although I've accomplished many things, big steps have always been challenging for me. I am a great analyst and I can find solutions in complex systems of movement and performance. But I'm not very good at taking action --- I rely on the desire and courage of my students to push me to take risks for them.

In any form of training, there is always risk, and you must decide how it stacks up against the associated rewards. We are all facing a time when we need to decide if we are ready to make moves again. Does the risk still outweigh the reward? It depends on what you need now.

The trouble is, if you don't risk anything, eventually you risk more. ~unknown

In 2020, it was clear that the risks were too great and too unknown, and we each dealt with that in different ways to keep each other safe. Now, I've personally reached a point where the risk of being too cautious is creating more risk than reward to my mental health, as it impairs my ability to help others. Although I do very well on my own, I crave the movement of the group, using our strengths to to pull each other along. Not everyone is ready for this, and unfortunately, some must remain more cautious for a little bit longer. But I'm ready to take a step, and move people again. If you're ready too, let's go! If you're not quite ready yet, I look forward to seeing you soon.

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