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A teacher of science and movement for over two decades, Suzy Yeagley combines her own passions with her family's lifestyle in championship-caliber sports to design programs focused on longevity for everyday and elite athletes.  With a background in Biology and multiple credentials in fitness, Pilates, yoga, and manual therapy, Suzy is able to fill gaps in your training to create elevated levels of achievement. Along with movement coaching, Suzy instills mindset and recovery techniques to balance the system.


Suzy has been an integral part of my training for four years. Beyond her clear passion for high performance training, she adds a personal component that forges trust and strong relationships. It is rare to find trainers with her knowledge and experience, but even more rare to find her humility and awareness to constantly search for improvement.

Michael Hixon
IU/USA Diving
IU Kelley School of Business


Suzy Yeagley makes a positive impact on the Bloomington community. She has a unique ability to train at any level of fitness and performance. Although we no longer live in Bloomington, we continue to make our fitness and performance choices based on Suzy's principles of MIND BODY TRAIN™.

Joani Harbaugh Crean
Former Client, Bloomington Body Bar


Suzy is a persistent learner who is willing to tackle the gray area and intangible monster of the mind. In this pursuit, she is helping the athlete to tune his or her mentality as well as their body, thus helping good performers become great ones.

Jeremiah Gutjhar 
IU Men’s Soccer
Major League Soccer


Suzy offers high level, versatile training that compliments the unique demands of platform diving. After years of chronic neck issues that had inhibited me in the past, I've been able to stop flare ups. I am significantly stronger and more prepared to train each day. We call our sessions "supplemental," but to me it is an essential part of training required to succeed at my sport.

Jessica Parratto
IU/USA Diving


Working with Suzy has completely changed the way I train. She's uniquely gifted in adapting her verbal and physical cueing to suit the athlete's needs. Suzy has been instrumental in taking my dancing from a collegiate to professional level. Any athlete looking to improve their game would benefit from training with her.

Sterling Manka
Professional Ballet Dancer
IU School of Ballet


Suzy's approach to fundamentals and movement capacity ensures